White Stevia Powder India | Stevia White Powder Manufacturers Punjab
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Stevia White Powder

White Stevia Powder

Product 6 - Stevia White Powder

Stevia White Powder is a natural and healthful substitute to sugar loaded with the goodness of Stevia leaf Extract, Isomalt and erythritol.


Stevia is a natural sweetener derived from the sweet leaf plant. The stevia leaf contains a number of very similar compounds or steviol glycosides that are all sweet. In its highly purified form, it has sweetness between 250 to 300 times that of an equal weight of sugar. It is all natural and is known to be helpful in many diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, gingivitis and many more.


Erythritol is a smaller molecule and 90 percent of this is absorbed in the small intestine and excreted for the most part unchanged in urine. It is described as having a zero glycemic index, and it has not been found to affect blood sugar or insulin levels.


Isomalt is a unique, excellent tasting sugar-free bulk sweetener and is a natural product made entirely from sugar beets, which have low energy. The biggest advantage of Isomalt is no decay, no diabetes, no obesity; overweight people can enjoy foods containing Isomalt.


Stevia white powder is ideal for all the fitness seekers, diabetic, hypertensive and weight conscious people.